Leamington Courier cricket balls competition – 2019

This month (May) we are launching the fourth year of ourPlayer of the Month competition, in association with sponsors Blythe Liggins Solicitors of Leamington. Each month during the season we will be celebrating the deeds of our cricketers and awarding a box of six new cricket balls to the club whose batsman, bowler or all-rounder has given the […]

Two Castles Run

Preparations for next month’s (June) 4,000-strong annual Two Castles run between Warwick and Kenilworth are well under way.   The event, which is organised by Kenilworth Rotary Club and Leamington Cycling & Athletics Club and raises around £100,000 for charity each year, will start at Warwick Castle at 9.00 am on Sunday June 9 with the winner expected […]

Dental Negligence

When you attend the dentist you are entitled to expect that they will provide you with proper care. Unfortunately not all procedures are successful and when things go wrong the effects can be extremely distressing, both physically and financially. When a dentist does not provide proper care and an avoidable injury occurs, this is considered as negligence and a patient should be compensated for their pain and suffering. There are […]

Leamington Women’s Cricket Sponsor

A Leamington law firm’s sponsorship of women’s cricket atLeamington has paid dividends with no less than four girls being called up for county duty this summer. Blythe Liggins, which also sponsors the Two Castles Run, has renewed its support of the women and girls’ sectionat Leamington Cricket Club in Arlington Avenue for a second year. Kevin Mitchell, chairman of Leamington Cricket Club and a partner and commercial solicitor with Blythe Liggins, said the sponsorship was providing extra […]

Solicitor does Charity Will Work prior to Great Wall Walk

An intrepid Leamington solicitor preparing to walk part of the Great Wall of China took time out from her training this month to support The Myton Hospices during Make a Will Week. In May, Donna Bothamley, head of wills and probate at Blythe Liggins solicitors, will embark on her epic adventure, walking along the Great Wall to raise funds for the hospice. But first, Donna gave up her time and skills for freeduring […]

New Charity Shop inside a Supermarket – A first for Myton Hospice

The Myton Hospices has opened its first charity shop in Stratford, alongside Morrisons’ supermarket. Cath D’Eath, assistant retail operations manager at Myton, said: “We are thrilled to have opened in the town. The shop being next to Morrisons is something very different for us and we are excited that people will be able to support Myton when they […]

Beware of the unqualified legal advisor

In 2004 Paul Wright had surgery at The Basildon & Thurrock Hospital NHS Trust. The operation was carried out negligently and left him with a massive scar across his entire abdomen and pieces of the “bogota” bag used in the surgery were left in his wound. Subsequent surgery removed the pieces of the bag but […]

Check your eligibility for LPA fee refund

A top Leamington law firm is urging people to check their eligibility for a lasting power of attorney (LPA) fee refund of up to £54.   Almost two million people were overcharged by the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) between 2013 and 2017.    Law firm Blythe Liggins says people can expect to receive a refund of up to £54, […]

Cosmetic Surgery

More people than ever are undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures.  But a procedure that is designed to improve a person’s appearance or confidence, can sometimes go wrong. The standard of cosmetic surgery in England is, on the whole, very good. There are occasions, however, when the procedure is not performed to the expected standard or a […]

Grandparents’ Contact

Contact between children and their grandparents after their parents’ separation continues to be a difficult issue. The matter was discussed in Parliament this week and David Gauke, the Justice Secretary, is due to make an announcement about possible changes to the law shortly.   The intention is for there to be a change to the current legislation to enable children to maintain a relationship with […]