With ‘divorce day’ fresh in the memory, a Midlands solicitor has advised couples thinking of going their separate ways to seek specialist legal advice.

‘Divorce day’ was known as the first working Monday of the new year when applications traditionally surged, and saw 28,865 divorce applications made in January to March 2023, according to the Family Courts National Statistics.

The start of January still tends to be when enquiries noticeably swell for lawyers and Sophia Mellor, head of family law at Blythe Liggins Solicitors in Leamington Spa, said this spike is often due to couples preferring to wait until after the festive season, mostly in an attempt to prioritise the children of the family.

Enquiries in the New Year can also be due to a stressful Christmas and new year period, when tension and financial pressures increase.

Sophia said: “Many family lawyers see a noticeable surge in enquiries received from people who want to start divorce proceedings in January.

“We certainly see this and we find that enquiries about divorce often start to come in between Christmas and New Year, which is then followed by a noticeable peak around ‘divorce day’ and throughout the rest of the month.”

There has, however, been a change in instructions, which may be linked to the change in the law back in 2022.

Indeed, since April 2022, couples looking to separate can do so through a no-fault divorce, meaning married couples are able to divorce without having to apportion blame for the breakdown of the marriage.

The timing of divorce applications is no longer of relevance, and applicants will generally apply when it is right for them and their family.

Sophia added: “It is important parties seek specialist legal advice if they are deciding to end their marriage.

“Our family solicitors provide sensitive, knowledgeable and practical advice to ensure matters proceed as amicably as possible.

“Crucially, alongside divorce proceedings we can also help with financial matters, which is an extra element divorcing parties need to consider.”

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CAPTION:  Sophia Mellor, Partner and Head of Family Law at Blythe Liggins Solicitors.

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