With the fireworks season well underway and destined to last until the New Year, a Leamington solicitor is warning organisers of firework parties that they could face damages claims if anyone is injured.

Claire Kirwan, head of the personal injury department at Leamington law firm Blythe Liggins, said there were potential legal implications of such accidents happening, as party hosts are legally responsible for injuries caused by sub-standard fireworks, poor storage, or failure to maintain an adequate distance from the display.

Also, although visually spectacular, Ms Kirwan warned that fireworks could cause damage to neighbouring properties if proper controls are not put in place. Sparks may also fly for retailers who sell fireworks or sparklers to children under 18 year of age.

“While it can be fun to host your own fireworks party, it may be best to avoid getting your fingers burned by instead going to a public display,” said Ms Kirwan. “The safest bet is to attend a properly organised event where months of planning and organisation should ensure a safe and fun evening for all.”

Caption: Claire Kirwan, Partner. Head of Personal Injury Department

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