Court rules are seldom sexy and exciting, but they are really important if you want to get any sense of justice and the award that you are entitled to within divorce proceedings.

From the 22nd April 2014, a radical rewrite of Court rules has meant that the parties when preparing for Court hearings need to have their house in order, paperwork and documentation meticulously prepared.
Judges from high and low will be seeking to enforce the orders against divorcing couples and if the paperwork is not right one or other could pay the costs of the application – which in some instances could run into several thousands of pounds.

Careful and diligent preparation for Court hearings is more vital than ever before.

Even ‘size’ matters because the court rules are so prescriptive that the font must be size 12 and the spacing between the narrative at least 1.5 to 2.0.

CAPTION: Andrew Brooks. Partner, Family Team

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