It may take a little longer than usual, but you can still secure your dream home…..

The Covid 19 pandemic has had quite an impact on the property market and if you are in the middle of moving house right now it can be difficult to decide what to do.

There are currently no formal restrictions on moving home although the guidance from the Government is that where possible buyers and sellers are encouraged to delay moving until stay-at-home measures are no longer in place. If the house you are moving into is empty you may proceed so long as you can observe social distancing and self-isolating rules. Removal companies have been advised to cancel all but the most essential moves so the practical logistics need to be considered carefully.

If you have already exchanged contracts then you should seek advice from your solicitor to see if it is possible to delay completion with the agreement of other parties in the chain.

If your mortgage offer is due to expire before you are able to complete then you should contact your mortgage lender or financial adviser to see if they are able to extend your offer until restrictions ease.

If you already have a mortgage and are not able to make payments your lender may agree to delay payments. However it is important to consider that missed payments and interest will be added on to the balance of your mortgage and future monthly payments may be higher.

In these uncertain times it is important to seek advice on how to secure your dream home.  We are still working, although behind closed doors, often progressing matters to the point of exchange, so that when restrictions are lifted completion can take place quickly. We are always ready to discuss your present or future property move so please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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