An NHS hospital trust where clinical malpractice has been linked to the deaths or brain damage of at least 92 babies is facing fresh negligence claims. The independent review into Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust began in 2017 after the local coroner and several bereaved families raised concerns about the number of avoidable deaths. The investigation identified substandard care leading to three mothers and 42 babies dying and at least 50 babies suffering brain damage.

When the review was first opened, it only covered 23 cases but now 600 incidents at the Trust are being investigated. The investigation team is being led by midwifery expert Donna Ockenden in what has been described as the worst maternity scandal ever to hit the NHS.

Claire Kirwan, Head of Medical Negligence at Blythe Liggins, is a specialist in such claims and is appalled at the information that is coming to light.

“Any woman giving birth needs to be able to trust and rely on the medical staff supporting her: it is their job to do everything in their power to ensure that both mother and baby are safe. Whilst some deaths and injuries are unavoidable, even with the best care, there can be no excuse for failing to act on warning signs when lives are at stake”.

If you believe that care provided to you when giving birth was not up to a reasonable standard then call Claire on 01926 831231 for advice.

Caption: Claire Kirwan, Partner & Head of the Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Department

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