Certainly no joy for Mr Joy-Morancho. He was caught out in a High Court case, deliberately misleading the Court about his wealth.

Mr Joy-Morancho was lambasted by the High Court Judge, Mr Peter Singer, for being dishonest and for deliberately attempting to deceive the Court.

The High Court Judge went so far as to say, that the evidence of Mr Joy-Morancho was “breathtaking”. He then said that his evidence was a “rotten edifice founded on concealment and misrepresentation and therefore a sham, a charade, bogus, spurious and contrived”.

The message is: be straight with the Court and don’t attempt to deceive the Judge. If you do you can expect to have a costs order made against you and in this case the husband had to cough up £334,000 to cover his wife’s costs which were wasted as a result of his deceit.

So no joy for Mr Joy-Morancho.

Caption: Andrew Brooks, Partner, Family Team.

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