Family lawyers across the country are bracing themselves for a large influx of divorce instructions. September is notoriously known as a busy time for family lawyers.

Family Lawyer Louise Sheasby comments, “The increase can be attributed to a number of factors. Couples have pinned their hopes on rekindling their relationship during their summer holiday. But couples have returned home disappointed and disillusioned”.

Miss Sheasby adds “If you are contemplating divorce you should ask yourself if you have exhausted all other avenues, such as marriage guidance counselling. Divorce is a big step. It may just compound money worries as finances may be further stretched by supporting two households rather than one”.

If there is really no other solution Miss Sheasby recommends that you appoint a specialist family lawyer. “A personal recommendation from a friend or a colleague is great. However, if you don’t know who to approach you should consider contacting Resolution (telephone number 01689 820272) whose members are committed to a constructive resolution of family disputes”.

“Further, make sure that your family lawyer has the contacts that you need. Such a specialist will be “networked”. Sometimes in putting a case together it is necessary to employ other professionals such as, valuers, pension actuaries and in big money cases forensic accountants. Your family lawyers should also be able to recommend mediators and have contact with collaborative lawyers if needed”.

“You should listen to the advice your lawyer gives you, after all you are paying for it! A good family lawyer will take a sensible approach to your case and give you sound and pragmatic advice. Most family lawyers adopt a non confrontational approach. A good lawyer will encourage solutions”.

Caption: Louise Sheasby, Chartered Legal Executive, Family Team

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