Holidaymakers who experience a holiday from hell need not suffer in silence, according to a Leamington lawyer.

Adam Lloyd, personal injury solicitor at Blythe Liggins on Rugby Road, said that the law protecting consumers meant that holidaymakers were entitled to claim for accidents and illness suffered abroad.

“It is only right that holidays have to live up to certain standards and Package Travel, Package Holiday and Package Tour regulations mean that tour operators can be sued rather than a claim having to be brought against a foreign hotel owner,” said Mr Lloyd.

Even if holidaymakers have not reached their destination they may be able to pursue a claim in this country if they were travelling by plane, ship or train.

“We have had cases where clients have been injured on the flight out to their dream holiday and have had cruises with outbreaks of gastric illness – all of which lead to misery at times when holidaymakers should be leaving their stresses behind.”

Incidents should be lodged with the tour representative on holiday and, if possible, names and addresses of any witnesses should be taken. It is also advisable to photograph and video evidence to support the claim and keep all of the travel documents.

Mr Lloyd also warned that holidaymakers would often spend the insurance premium in the airport bar rather then get fully covered if anything went wrong.

“Accidents abroad can be devastating with medical fees costing thousands of pounds, different laws and language barriers to struggle with and the support of friends and families far away. Transport home can also be expensive so I would urge holidaymakers to make adequate arrangements for insurance and use ABTA member travel agents,” said Mr Lloyd.

When holidaying in Europe – or just travelling through – Mr Lloyd also advised obtaining a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which allows holidaymakers state healthcare at reduced fees or sometimes for free. It is valid in all European Economic Area (EEA) countries, including Switzerland but will not cover any private medical costs so it is vital to have adequate insurance.

CAPTION: Adam Lloyd at Blythe Liggins

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