Restaurant goers have had their Christmas ruined by contracting salmonella at a Chinese Restaurant in Birmingham.

After eating at a popular Chinese restaurant in Birmingham on the first weekend in December, a family suffered with severe gastric symptoms to include diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pains. A sample confirmed that the food poisoning was in fact salmonella and resulted in one victim being hospitalised.
The impact continued for several weeks with the victims still suffering with ongoing symptoms over 8 weeks later.

Lois Harrison is investigating the matter on behalf of the family and said “We have been informed that Public Health England are investigating and want to prevent this happening again in the future. The restaurant has had a 0 hygiene rating since May 2016 and it is simply terrible that it continues to trade whilst their hygiene issues remain”.

If you have been affected by food poisoning and would like some free initial advice on whether you have a claim, please contact Lois Harrison on 01926 884751.

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