Covid-19 has had a negative impact upon many aspects of our daily lives.

People have been unable to go on holiday, let alone spend time with their friends and family socialising. It would be easy to imagine that, against this background, the Family Court system might have seized up to the point where husbands and wives in unhappy marriages are unable to commence divorce proceedings nor sort out finance and property matters as well as children issues, where they arise.

Not so.

Human ingenuity, in a time of crisis, has borne fruit and the Family Court system is alive, operational and fit for purpose.

Sir Nicholas Mostyn, one of the leading Judges in the UK, has introduced a brilliant initiative which enables private Court hearings to take place with a view to resolving finance and property issues. Quite naturally, to save time and cost, an application to the Court is a matter of last resort but at least with this initiative, finance and property issues can be resolved and people freed from what may be an unhappy and untenable marriage.

Family Law is alive and well, and able to serve those husbands and wives who need to put the past behind them and look forward to a brave new world. Contact one of our family team if you need advice on separation, divorce or any other family matter.

CAPTION: Andrew Brooks, Partner and Head of the Family Department

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