We have certainly been living though very worrying times.  Not only have we, as a country, had to face a national health crisis but an economic crisis too, with the effects of both no doubt burdening us as a society for many years to come.

Confined to home for weeks on end and the suspension of normal life as we know it has no doubt had an impact upon us all. Sadly, this has added to the pressure on relationships that were already fraying at the edges pre-lockdown. It is anticipated that the number of divorces are set to spike following the easing of the current restrictions.

However, if you are contemplating divorce you should ask yourself if you have exhausted all other avenues, such as marriage guidance counselling.  Divorce is a big step.

The mechanics of obtaining a divorce nowadays are usually straightforward, particularly if both agree that the marriage is over.  The difficulties tend to lie in resolving practical issues stemming from divorce such as how to separate, arrangements for the children and money matters.

It is true to say that in this life you get what you pay for.  An internet service can be impersonal and you could end up doing a lot of the paperwork yourself.  It is therefore vital that you appoint a specialist family lawyer as they will be able to expertly guide you through this process.

A good family lawyer will take a sensible approach to your case and give you sound pragmatic advice and it won’t cost the earth!

Many family lawyers understand the financial constraints placed upon families, particularly at this difficult time.  Many solicitors are more than happy to talk to you upfront about their likely fees and will work within your budget.

Most cases can be resolved by agreement which can sometimes save time and money. This is what a good family lawyer will aim to achieve for you.

The family department at Blythe Liggins offer a personal service tailored to meet your individual needs.  Please feel free to contact us for a confidential chat.


CAPTION: Louise Sheasby, Chartered Legal Executive, Family Department

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