A top Leamington law firm is urging people to check their eligibility for a lasting power of attorney (LPA) fee refund of up to £54.


Almost two million people were overcharged by the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) between 2013 and 2017. 


Law firm Blythe Liggins says people can expect to receive a refund of up to £54, with any interest which is accrued after the registration is made.


So far, only 200,000 of the 1.8million people owed have claimed, meaning there’s £77 million still owed to customers.


An LPA is a document which gives a person the power to make decisions on a loved one’s behalf when they can no longer do so. 


Donna Bothamley, head of wills and probate at Blythe Liggins, said: “It takes about 10 minutes to claim online. 


“You’ll need the donor’s bank details and a copy of the LPA, if you have it. 


“So many people are missing out as they don’t know they are eligible. We urge people to find out if they are entitled to this money as soon as possible.”


Lakshmi Turner, chief executive of Solicitors for the Elderly(SFE), added: “While it’s comforting to know people are making provisions by putting LPAs in place, millions of families, many of whom may have been going through a tough time with elderly relatives, will have been needlessly overcharged.


Recent research from SFE found only seven per cent of people have LPAs in place, meaning millions of people are currently unprepared for later life. 


SFE is urging anyone planning for their future to consider setting up an LPA and to seek advice from a specialist lawyer.


For help or more information about making a claim, call Blythe Liggins on 01926 831231.

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