A nationwide campaign designed to crackdown on unsafe and dangerous working practices on building sites across Britain is being welcomed by injury lawyers at Blythe Liggins.

A four week series of unannounced inspections have been announced, to tackle poor standards and unsafe working practices which lead to incidents resulting in injury or even death.

The HSE’s new chief inspector of construction, Philip White, said ‘Time and again we find smaller contractors working on refurbishment and repair work failing to protect their workers through a lack of awareness and poor control of risks. This is not acceptable – it costs lives, and we will take strong and robust action where we find poor practice and risky behaviour’.

Lois Harrison, a lawyer in the Blythe Liggins’ personal injury team, said ‘Accidents on construction sites are an all too common occurrence and can have huge ramifications for the injured party, from a loss of earnings to life changing injuries. This campaign will help to crack down on poor standards which lead to avoidable injuries and educate employers about practical standards which lead to a safer working environment’.

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