A leading national consumer champion who wants to build stronger relationships between the construction industry and house buyers has cemented his relationship with the sector by becoming the independent chairman of the newly-created Consumer Code for Homebuilders Ltd.

Noel Hunter OBE, the vice president of the national Trading Standards Institute and a former director of Warwickshire Trading Standards signed his appointment with Leamington-based law firm Blythe Liggins which advised him on the role and the scope and powers of the new organisation set up to instil consumer confidence in new home building across the UK.

The CCHB Ltd was launched by the house building industry working with the National House Building Council (NHBC) and MD Insurance Services to build upon the new home warranty protection provided to home owners to ensure that consumers are treated fairly throughout the process of what is the most expensive purchase they will ever make.

Noel, the vice chairman of Myton Hospice who lives in Lighthorne will oversee an organisation that puts the home buyer first in terms of making sure they are treated fairly at all times, are given all relevant and reliable information about their purchase, set the benchmarks on what services to expect and advise on dispute resolution between buyers and builders.

“Building upon the protection already provided to new home buyers by the two major home warranty organisations in the UK will instil even greater confidence in the whole home buying process, at a time when we need to build more houses across the UK because of the housing shortfall,” he said.

“Blythe Liggins has provided help and guidance on my part in the formation of the company and helped me to recognise the legal ramifications of the role. The body will play an important role in the industry, particularly the post-sales resolution process after the purchasers have complained to the builder but do not feel that they have received satisfaction,” he added.

Nick Watts of Blythe Liggins, said: “My role was to advise him as to the corporate law aspects of his role as chairman within the structure of the organisation and generally how he – and it – operates. The body monitors the behaviour of the house building sector to act as an independent watchdog that consumers can trust to resolve issues quickly and efficiently for all parties concerned.”

Richard Moon of Blythe Liggins, added: “It was vital that Noel was also advised of the legal implications of the scope of his role and the framework in which he can operate and I was delighted to provide that assistance.”

CAPTION: Building confidence in home buying – Richard Moon of Blythe Liggins with Noel Hunter of the Consumer Code for Housebuilders Ltd and Nick Watts of Blythe Liggins

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