One of the world’s oldest professions is learning from one of the youngest as Leamington law firm Blythe Liggins has engaged digital marketing agency Media Beard to provide guidance on promoting their services through social media.

Partner Claire Kirwan is at the vanguard of helping the practice to better market its legal services though its website and digital platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Media Beard specialises in helping traditional businesses get maximum exposure through search engine optimisation (SEO) by boosting their Google ranking, and is helping companies such as Blythe Liggins to build digital communities online.

“Online marketing tools such as top tips on writing wills can assist online consumers many of whom are a younger demographic who may need legal advice – although, like the Internet itself, it is for all ages,” said Media Beard director Sarah Law.

Claire Kirwan said: “Everyone seems to have a digital footprint, a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook page or is using Twitter, not just for pleasure, but to communicate professionally. Media Beard is helping us harness the potential of these platforms to reach our existing clients as well as our potential news ones. Even though we have been established for over a hundred years, we are a modern law firm and want to embrace the world of social media.”

Photo caption: Claire Kirwan of Blythe Liggins (centre) with Katie Mellers-Hill and Sarah Law of Media Beard

Issued by Newsline PR.
March 2014

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