A Leamington Spa solicitors which has gathered a staggering £888,000 in will pledges for Cancer Research is appealing to the public to help it reach £1 million.

Blythe Liggins gives advice and support to people writing or updating a will and through its partnership with Cancer Research, it is now just £112,000 short of reaching £1 million in legacy pledges.

The Rugby Road-based firm is encouraging members of the public to consider leaving a gift to the charity, which funds around a third of its research in this way.

Blythe Liggins has offered the free will service to people in Leamington and the surrounding area for more than 20 years and many choose to leave a gift to Cancer Research when they use the service.

Kayleigh Mullins, who is part of Blythe Liggins’ wills and probate team, said: “Gifts in wills to Cancer Research help fund a third of its life-saving research and we are extremely grateful to everyone who makes the kind offer of a gift in their own will.

“There are amazing projects going on locally and it is great that we can support them. At the University of Warwick, Dr Steve Royle is looking at how our cells divide in minute detail. He’s using powerful microscopes to study the structure and function of molecules involved in this process.

“Having a better understanding of this could lead to new ways to stop cancer forming and to the development of new treatments for cancer, that work by stopping cancer cells dividing.

“We have a long-standing relationship with Cancer Research and the figure of £888,000 pledged to date is truly remarkable. However, we’d love to reach that magic million mark and any gift in a will, no matter how small, will help us along that road.”

For more information on leaving a pledge to Cancer Research in your will, contact Blythe Liggins on 01926 831231 or visit www.blytheliggins.co.uk.


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