Equine Department

Don't fall off at the first hurdle - speak to our Equine Law Team for specialist advice

Blythe Liggins has a specialist Equine Law Unit dedicated to dealing with legal problems involving horses and ponies.

We are experienced in dealing with issues which arise as a result of the purchase and sale of horses as well as veterinary and professional negligence claims, insurance claims, equestrian property transactions, ownership disputes and horse valuations.

We also draft legal agreements such as sale and purchase agreements, lease and loan agreements, sponsorship agreements and stud agreements.

Types of Equine Work

  • Sale and Purchase Disputes
  • Sale, Purchase, Lease and Loan Agreements
  • Negligence Claims
  • Sponsorship, Livery, Training and Stud Agreements
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Horse Theft
  • Welfare Claims

Sale and Purchase Disputes

We specialise in bringing and defending claims in connection with the sale and purchase of horses and ponies. We act for dealers, professional riders, producers, breeders, studs and private horse owners in bringing and defending claims. Whether you require legal advice in this area of law, a letter to be drafted and sent to a buyer or seller, or if you need us to bring or defend a Court claim, our Equine Department is able to provide specialist advice due to our extensive equine knowledge.

Sale, Purchase, Lease and Loan Agreements

We are able to draft agreements specifically tailored to your needs and the needs of the horse(s) in question. We do not work from a standard agreement but draft the specific agreement to suit your requirements, to ensure that everything is covered, and ultimately to prevent any future disputes, which are often costly and lengthy.

Negligence Claims

If you feel that your horse or pony has been improperly treated by a vet, or if you think that a pre-purchase examination has been carried out negligently, we can firstly advise as to whether negligence has occurred and we can then act on your behalf in bringing a case against the vet.

We also act on behalf of clients who consider that their trainer/producer or livery yard owner/operator has acted negligently in the care, management, treatment or training of their horse.

Sponsorship, Livery, Training and Stud Agreements We can draft all of the above agreements, from scratch, which are tailored to your needs, your yard, training methods etc. Such agreements ensure that both parties to the agreement know the terms of the agreement prior to the same beginning, meaning that in the event of a dispute, the agreement can be relied upon in order to prevent lengthy and costly Court proceedings.

Personal Injury Claims

Bringing and defending equine related personal injury claims. Specialist advice in connection with liability under the Animals Act 1971.

Horse Theft

Bringing and defending claims in respect of horse theft. If your horse has been stolen and sold on, where you are able to locate the horse, the person in possession of the horse should return the horse to the rightful owner. Where that person refuses to do that, we can bring a civil action against that person, to seek an Order of the Court for the horse's return to its rightful owner.

Where you have purchased a stolen horse and are being pursued by the horse's rightful owner, we can ensure that the person claiming to be the rightful owner, is the owner by law. We can then pursue the seller of the horse in respect of the purchase price if the horse has to be returned to the rightful owner.

Welfare Claims

Bringing and defending equine welfare claims, which are increasing due to the introduction of the new Animal Welfare Act. We are able to source and instruct specialist vets to provide veterinary opinions, which can later be relied on in evidence, if necessary.

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